About us

Sähköpalvelu Top Automation Ltd is a technology design and service company founded in 1997 in Joensuu, North Karelia. As a full-service electrical and automation design office we deliver automation systems, solutions and electrical centers to a variety of industrial fields. Due to our work often being a part of a larger ensemble, our flexibility and and efficiency play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of the overall project.Similarly, our farsighted and uncompromising operation management combined with our stable finances have been the foundation of our historical success while the industry standards and competition have toughened.

We always start with our customers and, work according to their wishes and requirements. Our clientele is composed of different industrial companies in North Karelia and around Finland, and we always aim to form long-lasting customer relationships with them. We value transparency and therefore we aim for effortless communications, honest feedback and mutually beneficial development. Even though our primary territory is Finland it is not uncommon to see our workers across the boarder. Many of our customers deliver projects and machinery abroad and through them we participate in the export as well. Our courageous team works steadily both in the national as well as the international field seeking to secure trustworthy customer relationships across the world.

Top Automation has a professional and reliable personnel that consists of both specialists with several years’ experience as well as innovative, young talents. With a futuristic vision we also regurlarly offer students opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge through practical trainings and internships. With talented work force, strong product knowledge and open-minded attitude we offer our customers reliable, efficient and flexible solutions to the challenges, maintenance and upkeep of their production.




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