Manufacturing of Electrical and Automation Cabinets

Operational reliability in diverse conditions is the basis of manufacturing electrical and automation cabinets. We offer cabinets as a part of overall system deliveries, through cabinet manufacturing contracts and as individual orders based on our customer’s cabinet drawings. Our knowledge and expertise cover the manufacturing of automation and control cabinets, logic cabinets, engine cabinets, pneumatic cabinets, control desks and cabinets as well as terminal block cabinets and consoles.

Cabinets manufactured carefully with high-quality workmanship enable reliable electrical and automation solutions to diverse industrial fields. Additionally, our wide experience combined with high-standard component suppliers guarantee the durability of the manufactured cabinets and control desks. We want our customers to be able to focus on their own work, and therefore our skillful employees review every cabinet drawing and perform appropriate – and when necessary, customer-spesific – cabinet testing and inspection before delivery.

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