Electrical and Automation Engineering

Increasing competitiveness and operational performance are of vital importance, regardless of the industry. With automation and electrification solutions we can improve efficiency even in small production units. Top Automation serves as our customers’ partner in the engineering of automation and electrification solutions.

Our services cover a full range of expert services from basic engineering to commissioning, both in new investments as well as in modifications and maintenance projects in pre-existing automation systems. Whether it is a small subproject, an individual component delivery or an extensive investment project, our skilled staff will manage it with certainty and reliability. In addition to engineering, we offer project management and installation supervision.

Our engineering strengths include up-to-date PLC and technology expertise, broad industrial knowledge, and our highly competent employees. We strive for uncompromising quality and high customer satisfaction. With expert engineering that focuses on the customer’s needs we can significantly improve the operational productivity as well as the production cost management and the quality management throughout the facility’s life cycle. Additionally, automation and electrification enable you to centralize your human resources to operations that specifically require them.

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