Electrical and Automation Installation

In installations it is best to resort to the help of professionals. We offer automation and electrification installation services with reliability and flexibility and we pay careful attention to the customer’s operational environment and facility. Our most important values include, in addition to having skilled personnel, staying on agreed schedule and within agreed costs. These factors enable us to succeed in both small and large projects with the least possible disturbances and operational disruptions to our customers.

Our installation services cover installing and coupling our own systems and cabinets, as well as systems, cabinets and centers acquired from elsewhere. They also include installation supervision and management. We follow the appropriate standards in all of our installation work performing all necessary system inspections, testing and commissioning in compliance with them. We always provide our customers with written commissioning inspection records.


In accordance with the principle of life cycle management, our services cover upgrade, update and maintenance operations as well. Quick responsiveness to possible production outages is a key factor in maintaining profitable operation and we offer services even at short notice!

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