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Our company has been customer-centric from the very beginning tailoring our work to meet the needs and desires of our customers. By combining strong expertise, innovative thinking, and intelligent technology we provide our customers reliable, efficient, and flexible solutions for their production challenges and maintenance.

The Top Automation story dates back to the late 1990s when a long-standing technology company in North Karelia relocated to Southern Finland. Having left his job as a result of the relocation, electrical engineer and automation designer Seppo Toppi established Top Automation to fill the gap in the local market and address the growing demand for automation technology.

At the beginning we focused on concrete industry, we had only two employees and a handful of customers. We were, however, determined, and trusted that our skills and quality would enable business growth. As a result of our persistent and dedicated work we have advanced our expertise, and today we serve a large variety of industrial fields; from the food industry to mining, and from pharmaceutical to process industries.

Reliability and the ability to solve problems are the cornerstones of our company. Throughout our history there hasn’t been a task or a situation we haven’t successfully completed. This legacy of operational reliability is deeply rooted in our core values and is evident in every project we undertake.

In 2023 Seppo, the founder, retired but three long-serving employees of Top Automation wanted to continue the company’s success story by acquiring it – Seppo also remained on board to support the operations along his retirement. Although leadership has changed, our company’s essence remains the same: We are a reliable partner with whom it is easy and effortless to improve process performance, safety, stability, and productivity.

We provide comprehensive support and solutions throughout the entire life cycle; from planning to installation and maintenance. We operate seamlessly within a supply chain but also independently, delivering complex overall projects. We always strive for straightforward communication, open collaboration, honest feedback, and mutual development.

Pick up the phone or shoot us an email, and let’s together explore how we can help your business grow efficiently and productively!

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